The Industry’s Resident ‘Bad Guy’ Jasper Cole on BET Plus ‘The Family Business’

Jasper Cole is Hollywood’s resident “bad guy” with over a hundred television and film credits including television hit series such as American Horror StoryThe RookieWestworld. The veteran actor was named Best Screen Villain by the International Nollywood Film Festival in 2019.

Now Cole is appearing in Season 3 of the BET+ crime drama series The Family Business.

An Interview with Jasper Cole

Jasper Cole is an actor, producer and radio host. With over 112 Film and TV credits, Jasper is known for his work on MacGruber, Everybody Hates Chris, American Horror Story and Westworld. I spoke with Jasper about his first experience on a film set, the best advice he has received from directors, and his upcoming projects.

‘The Family Business’: KJ Smith Upped To Series Regular, Sheila E., Stan Shaw, Denise Boutte, Jasper Cole Among 10 To Recur

EXCLUSIVE:BET+ is rounding out its cast for Season 3 of Carl Weber’s The Family Business.KJ Smith, who recurred in the first two seasons as Sasha Duncan, has been promoted to series regular for Season 3. Additionally, Stan Shaw (Rocky), Sheila E.Denise Boutte (Meet the Browns, Young Justice)Jasper Cole (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Rookie), Lew Temple (The Walking Dead), Horace Dodd (Narcos: Mexico), Ben Stephens, Jasmin Brown (A Miami Love Story), Kearia Schroeder (Dear Frank) and Desiree Mitchell (Loyalty) have joined the recurring cast.

Call Me Adam Interview

Jasper Cole may be known as “Hollywood’s Bad Guy,” but behind that bad boy image, is one of the nicest guys I know. I’m so excited to catch-up with actor Jasper Cole. Here we talk about life during the global pandemic, including what it’s like to work on a film and TV set during COVID-19. We also discuss working with Ernie Hudson (#Ghostbusters#GraceAndFrankie​) on Season 3 of “The Family Business” on #BET​. We chat politics, his podcast “One on One with Jasper Cole,” & so much more! For me Call Me Adam interviews visit:​ Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @callmeadamnyc

65 Greatest Horror Movies of the 21st Century

Back in the late Sixties and early Seventies, Vietnam and civil unrest helped kickstart a new golden age of American horror movies; shortly after the beginning of our new century, we had one massive public atrocity and several new wars to fuel a whole new wave of movies dealing with communal anxieties via scary monsters and super-freaky maniacs. Yes, it’s always been a durable genre regardless of what’s going on in the culture, but considering what’s happened globally over the last 20 or so years, it makes sense that horror films would resonate with folks the way they have. That, and the fact that such free-floating dread would help give birth to a number of films from both the U.S. and abroad that deserve a place in the pantheon

Jasper Cole Interview: Hollywood’s bad guy

In this special crossover episode of Baring It All with Call Me Adam, I am chatting with “Hollywood’s Bad Guy,” Jasper Cole. First I interview Jasper, for Baring It All with Call Me Adam on the Broadway Podcast Network, about his bad guy reputation, COVID-19, what Jasper is doing to help the homeless problem in LA & beyond, & then we play a game based upon Jasper’s bad guy image. 

After my interview, we flip the mic and Jasper interviews me for an episode of One on One with Jasper Cole on BlogTalk Radio. We talk about my childhood, my influences, and the start of my website/podcast.

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