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Do you dream of living in a luxury home but can’t afford the pricey rent, much less a hefty mortgage? Well, welcome to the world of live-in staging, where developers hire low-income families to decorate and maintain properties in hopes of attracting potential buyers. Enter Model Home, a brand-new Horror-Thriller offering from High Windows Films / Buffalo 8 Films, that made its world premiere in the Pacific Northwest at the North Bend Film Festival on Saturday, August 25 at 3:25 PM PST.

Here, in a deserted development, post-market crash, single mother Camila Torres (Monique Gabriela Curnen: The Dark Knight 2008, Fast & Furious 2009) relocates with her adorable son Jaime (Luke Ganalon: Grey’s Anatomy series, Bless Me, Ultima 2013). They are directed by the obnoxious, hoity-toity real estate agent, Brenda (Kathy Baker: Edward Scissorhands 1990, Picket Fences series), to keep the house clean and looking lovely. Oh, and just a passing warning, despite there being no one else living in the area, someone is looting in the neighborhood.

Model Home still.

Almost immediately, a multitude of issues become apparent. First, there is Camila’s complicated pill regiment, which young Jaime oversees at scheduled intervals with a picture-guide. Then, there’s the fact that before they are even officially moved-in, someone has broken into the car and tossed their belongings around the driveway. Also, there appears to be a creepy dude (Jasper Cole: The Purge: Anarchy 2014, American Horror Story series) with a fetish for women’s hair living in an RV parked in the development.

Despite all of these issues, Camila is committed to soldiering onward, and she begins to frequent the local discount crafting shop, while working diligently to build the life she sees in magazines. As the situation begins to spiral out of control, Camila’s condition grows ever-more precarious, leaving Jaime to fend for himself in their Southwestern wasteland. But something is not all floral wreaths and handmade gorgeousness in the Torres household, so what will be the cost of Camila’s clinical need to craft a better life?

Clocking in at 82 minutes in-length, Model Home is a directorial debut for Patrick Cunningham, and was written by Cunningham and William Day Frank (Untitled Hollywood Hills Project 2018, Sunny 2019). The film also stars Jon Jon Briones (Sons of Anarchy series, American Crime Story series) as the manager of Craft Town, Walt Fan; Keram Malicki-Sánchez (True Blood series, Texas Chainsaw 3D 2013) as Craft Town employee Dean; and Cici Lau (Legally Blonde 2001, Fear the Walking Dead series) as Mrs. Fan.

While Model Home is billed as a Horror-Thriller, the reality here is something that leans more towards a disturbing Drama with heavy Thriller elements, or a fully realistic Psychological Horror offering, if you will. Which is to say that Model Home is entirely a tale of one woman’s psychological illness and devolvement into the deranged. It is truly haunting in its deranged contents, but it is also entirely embedded in harsh reality.

Model Home still.

The success of Model Home sits almost entirely on two sets of shoulders: those of Curnen and Ganalon. As the mentally ill Camila, Curnen gives a stellar performance in a complicated role. While it is directly suggested that Ms. Torres suffers from Bipolar Disorder, in truth, her illness leans more toward Schizoaffective Disorder, a kind of bipolarity meets Schizophrenia. She has major delusions, body tremors and paranoia, she’s up and then she’s crashing down, and there is clearly no way that a pre-teen boy can care for her condition properly.

In the role, Curnen is, perhaps most importantly for the success of the entire production, likeable and sympathetic. As viewers, we feel an empathy for her condition, which has caused her to slip so deeply into the dream world of magazines, where she sees the “perfect family” and wants so desperately to bring them to life. Camila’s inability to distinguish fact from fiction, fantasy from reality is her clear downfall, and it makes her a sympathetic character in this horrific tale of mental illness. Curnen’s delicate portrayal is a credit to this, and never leaves Camila feeling laughable – even if she is entirely looney tunes.

Ganalon gives a splendid performance as a young boy – who oft wanders the abandoned development in a red fleece bathrobe and pool floaties on his arms – trapped between the debilitating crush of his mother’s mental illness and the solitude of his new home. Desperate for friendship – especially that of the four-legged kind – all Jaime dreams of is being owned by a dog; when a gorgeous brindle pup turns up in the neighborhood, God seems to be answering the boy’s simple dreams. In fact, the simplicity of Jaime’s hopes are a direct contrast to the intricate details of his mother’s unrealistic, fantastical goals. As Jaime, Ganalon is flawless in his presentation of his character, a conflicted and trapped youngster who is willing to give up his one dream if it means saving his mother.

There are multiple layers embedded into the script of Model Home, and the duality of its purpose – the harsh keeping up with the Joneses commentary on the proverbial American dream and its brutal depiction of mental illness – give the film its strength. Credit where credit is due, however, none of that would mean anything without the talents of its cast – very particularly Curnen and Ganalon – who effectively communicate the intricacies of this deranged tale. Ultimately, Model Home is a minimalist film, one that authors a haunting story that will stick with viewers long after its end credits roll; offering up a tome’s worth of commentary with essentially very little. For this, CrypticRock give Model Home 3.5 of 5 stars.

Model Home 78 - Model Home (North Bend Film Festival Movie Review)

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From such films as 18 AgainFriday the 13th Part VIII, and MacGruber (alongside Val Kilmer & Ryan Phillipe) & TV shows as C.S.I.Married With ChildrenSaved By The BellTouched by An AngelParty Of Five, & Baywatch, Jasper Cole’s face is known to millions! I’m so excited I got a chance to chat with this “Hollywood Bad Guy.”

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Jasper Cole and Cynthia Rothrock

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As Hollywood’s “go-to Bad Guy,” veteran character actor JASPER COLE never fails to hit his marks — or depending upon the project, his co-stars on-screen. COLE is tasked with the responsibility of turning sweet dreams into scary nightmares for audiences of the countless TV shows and films he has appeared in. COLE is not someone you want to meet in a dark alley.

So, VENTS met up with COLE in a well-lit patio bar in Palm Springs — the infamous desert mecca where he escapes to while not on-set. However, with a laundry list of upcoming projects, as well as the just-released indie hit, AWAKEN THE SHADOWMAN, it is safe to assume that COLE’s schedule doesn’t allow for many road-trips to Palm Springs.

Here’s our conversation with the “Bad Guy” who is actually a “Good Guy” being paid to be a “Bad Guy.”

VENTS: Awaken the Shadowman just released — tell us about the film and your role.

COLE: AWAKEN THE SHADOWMAN is a thriller based on two estranged brothers who come together to search for their missing Mother played by Emmy winner Jean Smart. As the brothers dig deeper they start to uncover potential corruption and demons. I have a cameo as “Peter” who works at a scrap metal yard and may hold information about the whereabouts of their missing Mother. It was a chance for me to reunite with my director from HANSEL & GRETEL, Anthony C. Ferrante, who produced the film. I was most impressed by the 3 young filmmakers who also star in the film and who assembled an impressive cast that includes Robert R. Shafer best known from THE OFFICE. The film is available on VOD, iTunes, red box and Amazon among others.

VENTS: You have become labeled, “Hollywood’s Go-To Bad Guy” –how did you earn that recognition?

COLE: Getting labeled “Hollywood’s Bad Guy” is a strange but welcoming thing because for the first part of my 30 years in Hollywood I sort of fell between the cracks of “knowing my type”. I wasn’t classic leading man nor specific character actor although internally I’ve always been a character actor at heart. I just had to “age into it”. I was told constantly when I was younger that if I stuck around long enough my look would catch up to my age..and it did. lol It took me years to get on any list so I’m forever grateful to be in casting rooms and on sets with fellow character actors whose work I admire and learn from daily. So I guess there’s an actual upside to getting older and creeper looking in Hollywood!

VENTS: What has been your favorite Bad Guy role to date?

COLE: I’ve been so blessed in the past 15 years to get to play some great characters but I guess my favorite would be the most popular one so far and that’s “Zeke Pleshette” in the comedy MACGRUBER in 2010. It was so great to be a part of the SNL family with Will Forte, Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Seth Meyers and Lorne Michaels. Then when you add in Val Kilmer, Ryan Philippe, Powers Booth, Timothy Murphy and Andy Mackenzie, it was a game changer for my career. I’m forever grateful to caster Sheila Jaffa and director Jorma Taccone for that opportunity and 7 years later it has built a cult following and allowed me to meet fans at Comic Cons and conventions from all over the world.

VENTS: It is rumored that you have joined the cast of the highly anticipated film, The Wish Man — is there any truth to this?

COLE: Im honored to have been offered the role of “Leon” in the upcoming film WISH MAN”. This is based on the life of the founder of the Make A Wish foundation Frank Shankwitz. Filming has begun now in Prescott AZ and here in Anaheim CA, it’s directed by Theo Davies and has an amazing cast led by veterans Bruce Davison, Frank Whaley, Tom Sizemore, Robert Pine, Dale Dickey and Larry Wilcox.

VENTS: What would your dream role be for a future project?

COLE: My dream role would consist of being part of a television episodic ensemble playing an undercover agent who gets to infiltrate the crime world as a criminal, drug dealer, homeless guy..all the roles I’m known for playing now. I love the pace of Television and an ensemble and being able to play the same character over a period of time.

VENTS: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

COLE: In ten years I’ll be 63 years old and I hope I’m in what I like to call my “Sam Elliott-Jeff Bridges” phase of career. I had the honor of working with Sam in 1998 and it’s a highlight of my career. I learned a lot from him about not taking it too seriously but being serious about the work. I auditioned for TRUE GRIT with the Cohen Bros and that’s about as close as it’s come to working with Jeff but to me they both embody the true meaning of great character actors who also have balance in their lives and career. To me as a character actor, hopefully  I can only get better and work more the older I get.

VENTS: Off-screen you host the sleeper hit podcast, “One On One” which first crossed our radar when comments regarding Kathy Griffin were made on your show leaked and the story was trending — is this a professional detour from acting?

COLE: I love doing my show ONE ON ONE WITH JASPER COLE for many reasons but primarily it’s a chance for me to show another side of myself. I’m basically a conisseur of pop culture, Entertainment, news and Politics. I grew up loving all things Television and talk shows and anything to do with Hollywood. I’m also a huge reality TV fan and so my show gives me the opportunity to meet and interview great people from all these genres and to let my natural personality come through which is a departure from the great dark characters I get to play on screen. I see most things through a very dry, sarcastic and sardonic lens. My favorite comedians are the likes of Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman. I like people who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and that’s what I try to do with my show, just be myself and keep it real.

VENTS: What else is in the pipeline for you professionally?

COLE: I was lucky enough to work on an upcoming episode of AMERICAN HORROR STORY so I checked the “working on a Ryan Murphy Show” off my career bucket list and I hope to do more. I just complete a film called THE COLLECTOR and I have 2 indie horror/thrillers coming out: CAPTURED and MODEL HOME. I’m auditioning every week as that’s really the “job” booking a show is the icing on the cake. I have my website which has pretty much everything I’m up too including my show ONE ON ONE WITH JASPER COLE.

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